Lenders Funding provides the assurance you need to grow or take on larger clients. As you increase your own source of funds, you can retire our participation, maximizing your ability to earn.

Since formation,we have worked with over 150 lenders and factors and have supplied several hundred million dollars in funding. Bob Zadek has designed the quintessential legal documents that allow the participation process to be painless and fair.

In addition to our participation program, Lenders Funding makes direct loans on real estate, machinery and equipment and accounts receivable. With offices on both the west and east coasts, Lenders Funding is perfectly positioned to help Leads realize their full potential.

We are Unobtrusive
Transactions are managed by you without interference, although our management has over 100 years of credit, factoring and secured lending experience to support our clients’ transactions, without charge to them.

We are Professional
We fully understand the marketplace.

Participations can be repurchased by you at any time without penalty.

We are Flexible
We will design a participation to fit any transaction.

We can be a Source of New Business for your company since we offer direct lending or factoring of accounts receivable.

No Fees
We do not charge any fees to our clients. No legal fees; no documentation fees; no prepayment fees; no filing fees; no due diligence fees; no fees, period.